“Is anime like the f**king emo of cartoons?” That was comedian Bill Burr‘s reaction to his fans after he Tweeted about how he  watched and enjoyed One Punch Man. People bombarded Burr with messages of excitement and disappointment. Well This is what Bill said about our favorite Bald Hero !

Although Bill didn’t care much about “cartoons from Japan called anime,” but he spent some time on his podcast talking about the depth of One Punch Man. The series is largely viewed as a shonen tropes with hype fights, but Burr feels like it’s a critique of Japan’s corporate culture and the Millennial experience.

Here are some of the interesting things that Bill said about One Punchman:

“He ended up developing this punch. And no matter what monster he runs into, he doesn’t give a sh*t whether they kill him. He’s completely devoid of any, like, passion or emotion. Like what happens to you when you get shoved into a f**king cubicle.”

“The monsters that he fights…you also get more of an insight into what people’s heads are at, uh, in Japan. And it’s like, you know, one of the monsters he fought was some giant virus sent here by the Earth to get rid of the all the humans because of what we’ve done to the planet. So there is an environmental thing.”
By Giant Virus.. He meant This Guy :v

“Then my favorite one was this guy who is crab-man. He was half, like up top he was all a crab and then the bottom he was half a guy. But the bottom half, he was in his bare feet and tighty-whities. And the guys was like, “oh I ate so much crab meat that I became a f**king crab.” To me, he represented the upper 1% corporate guys, you know, on some power lunch eating all the f**king sushi and take, take, take, take. Nothing spiritual about them. So he gave him the ole ‘Right there Fred.’”

“And then he fights this f**king LAAADDY. And she had command of all the mosquitoes. And she’d sic the mosquitoes on everybody and suck all the blood out of you and all your f**king energy would make her stronger. And to me is like, “oh, this is a gold digging blood-sucking wh*re.” And then when she got to do it with all the animals and everybody there, she didn’t need to mosquitoes anymore, she told all the mosquitoes to go f**k themselves. And I’m like SLASH, this is also somebody who becomes successful and forgets where they come from and they look at everybody where they used to be as a bunch of f**king peons. A bunch of insignificant little mosquitoes.”

“Alright, there is a lot of levels to it. Or you can just get f**king high and watch this bald headed dude f**king punch a crab in the head and watch it explode. I enjoyed it.”

You can watch Burr’s One Punch Man segment from his podcast. Anyways It’s good to know that Bill is into Anime now ! If you are reading this bill Please watch One Piece 😀