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Anime Review: Princess Jellyfish

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Top 10 Amazing facts about Ulquiorra Cifer

10 ) Ulquiorra is described as cold and dispassionate and he has never shown any emotions what so ever ! But after meeting Orihime it changed. He was at...

BallRoom E Yokosho Episode 14 Review

This one was great guys. But some of the part were alright I guess. So let’s get into it. BallroomThoughts We do learn some interesting things this episode. So first off...

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Kamisama Kiss Anime Review

Hey everyone! Today I finished this amazing anime & I wanted to give my review on it! I hope you guys enjoy! WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS Lets get started! Basic Information Created by: Julietta...

No Game No Life [ Anime review ]

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One Piece Predictions : The Straw Hat Alliance vs Kaido !

One of the greatest and most important battles will take place when Luffy confronts Kaido. It will be a battle where multiple popular characters will join Luffy since there...